Dealers Auction: Your source for wholesale merchandise, auction supplies,  liquidation, closeout merchandise, product returns, salvage, pallets, bulk merchandise, truck loads, overstock and surplus products for resellers, retailers and other small businesses.


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We’re in the process of launching the new Dealers Auction site which will be much bigger and better than ever before!

We’ll have lots and lots of links to auctions, auctioneers, and mind-boggling wholesale and liquidation deals that will make your brain will scream for ‘more jugs of coffee please!’. 🙂

Tons and tons of resources and wholesale and liquidation suppliers to choose from.

A new Wholesale Business Academy section — to help you getting started, operating and expanding you reseller business.


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Dealer’s Auction .com — Will become you main go-to for Wholesale and Closeout Products and Merchandise.

Live and Online Auction information with links and maps to the live auctions you’ll want to be sure to attend.

The lastest news and tips for buying and selling on Amazon

Information for importing and exporting.

Resources and wholesalers from Alibaba and AliExpress — with ratings and reviews of ‘who to do business with’ as well as ‘who to avoid like the plague!’

Dealer’s Auction will provide complete unfiltered lists of closeout, clearance, bulk merchandise, and wholesale lots of products from liquidation sales, salvage sales, and closeout merchandise.

Including maps with directions to the live auctions!

Sources of wholesale products for your eBay and other auctions. And even



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If you are and auction seller, eBay Power seller, reseller, a retailer, a discounter, flea market operator, you can find closeout merchandise, large lots, small lots, wholesale only, clearance merchandise, wholesale warehouses, drop shippers, outlets, dealers outlets, manufacturer outlets, merchandise, parts, bulk wholesale, large lots, small lots to sell in your eBay auctions and sell to your customers.

If you’re a swap meet dealer, a full time retail shop, or a major liquidation business — we’ll have something for you.

Buy, sell, trade at DealersAuction.com

Be sure to bookmark the site if this is your first visit — and check back next week for the updates.

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Dealers Auction — where you’ll find wholesale merchandise auction.  Supplies for resellers. Closeout merchandise. Bulk merchandise. Truck loads. Surplus. ebay product  sources. Wholesale Product Sources. for eBay Auctions.

Information for importing and exporting.

Information for Amazon selling.

Information for Alibaba and AliExpress

Listings and locations of local auctions in every state.

Auction reviews

Supplier reviews

Dealer reviews

We’re in the process of updating the site.

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Dealer’s Auction

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